Nebulizer Kit


  • Highly efficient jet style small volume nebulizer to reduce the amount of time for therapy with better nebulization.
  • Latex free & medical grade DEHP free PVC material.
  • Lower residual volume to reduce drug waste.
  • Star lumen oxygen tubing to reduce risk of kinking.
  • Single patient use to avoid cross-contamination.


  • Small volume N\nebulizer 5cc (18M/6M)
  •  Oxygen tubing: 2 Meter
  • T-Piece: 22M 22/18mm, 22/18mm
  • Corrugate tubing: 6 inch
  • Mouthpiece: 18M

Order Information :

REF Description Package
2403 Nebulizer Handheld Kit 1pc/bag, 50pcs/carton
2401 Small Volume Nebulizer 1pc/bag, 300pcs/carton

 Instruction For Use : pdfIFU_Nebulizer Handheld Kit

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